Who we are

MADA LED, a MADA s.r.l.s division , is an E.P.C. (Engineering - Procurement - Construction) Contractor offering lighting systems and solutions turnkey services with LED technology for industrial companies, retail chains and structures of public and private services (gyms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, hospitals, street lighting, shopping centers). Whether you're planning new installations or replacement of existing plants with less energy-intensive led technology installations, MADA LED will identify and advise its customers the solution that best suits their specific needs. MADA LED designs, provides for the supply and installation and is able to ensure the maintenance of the system, carrying out every activities with the goal of maximizing the energy savings of its customers and allow them to self-finance the project in the shortest possible time. To make this happen it works with carefully selected suppliers and partners, highly specialized for a long time in designing and producing LED lighting systems and solutions and continually investing in research and development of their products, with the ability to innovate and provide the highest levels of quality as required by such a rapidly evolving market.

We are therefore able to offer lighting management systems solutions that once integrated to LED fixtures allow to further reduce the energy consumption in accordance to the specific environment and / or to the individual light point needs, for each time frame desired, while facilitating all aspects related to eventual lighting system maintenance through continuous and easy remote monitoring by PC of functional and energy saving performance. MADA LED works with qualified partners that offer the customer their project financing through the formula of the operating lease that allows the customer - who wishes - to redeem his lighting system in a reasonable period of time at his choice, covering each installment through his energy savings. We believe that one of the primary objectives to be achieved is to provide energy savings in complete and prompt advantage of the customer, so as to enable him to immediately reward the new installation and its maintenance service.

In a world where we consume more and more, MADA partners believe that "learn" to make the best use of available resources is strategic in order to maintain an acceptable level of well-being for all the people. This is the so called "Planet Sustainable Development", and MADA wants to give its own contribution in this direction.

Ensuring both public and private customer a significant lighting costs reduction without having to invest money, by improving the performance of the existing lighting system or by proposing innovative solutions for lighting costs control.